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We provide municipal debt collection services to government agencies. Our Collection staff possesses the experience and knowledge needed to get results in a courteous, professional manner. Each one of our representative is both professional and considerate to the concerns of your local community and will exercise good judgment while contacting citizens on your behalf.

Our dedication to providing the highest quality customer service in the collection industry has allowed us to maintain long standing relationships with our clients.

It is clear that most municipalities face greater financial challenges today and are looking to maximize revenue opportunities. The amount of past due debts related to traffic citations, parking tickets, utility bills, garbage collection, ambulance bills, etc. has grown steadily over the past decade.

Our focus is on the resolution of all outstanding fines and debts through professional processes geared toward educating each debtor of their obligation to pay. We remain flexible to the financial restrictions which often require a personal touch. Our services are designed to increase overall revenues for our clients and decrease municipalities’ liability.

Your municipality works hard to meet a strict budget, and every penny matters. Municipal Collection Services by First Credit helps you design and implement a full service collection process to recover revenue from those who elect not to pay or those who delay payment simply because they don’t know how to handle their current financial burden. We can help. Most municipalities do not employ the required resources to effectively reach out to the community and convey the appropriate message that is required in a successful collection program.

We have the ability to handle all types of municipality back office A/R management processes from initial contact with early-stage programs that require a kind and courteous approach, to firm yet professional late-stage and delinquency collection programs.


Municipal Collection Services by First Credit utilizes proprietary collection techniques to collect the most money possible, AND most importantly, retain goodwill within your community. We know that word, either good or bad, spreads rather quickly within each community. Of course, nobody wants to be contacted by a collection agency, and some backlash is expected, but partnering with an agency that knows how to maintain a positive outlook and professional attitude signifies to your community, that you are just conducting business, but care enough to do it the right way. The agency you choose to partner with must be held accountable for their actions because your collection partner does have an impact on your overall image.


It is widely understood that as receivables age they become increasingly difficult to collect, but the combination of “Age” and “Self-Pay” poses a unique challenge for any operation to find a cost effective solution to handling this issue properly. Finding a prompt and accurate resolution is exactly what all parties involved are hoping to achieve. We can help facilitate this process in a very cost-effective manner

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